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Dear SF, can I call you SF?

I remember the first time I was in your presence. Age 9, Ghiradelli Square, ferry rides, clam chowder... I was amazed. Even on your surface, you enchanted me and I never quite recovered.

I didn't truly fall in love until I spent my 22nd birthday with you. I had my first shot of Fernet, explored the depths of Chinatown, toured the rock and froze my butt off at a Giants game in June. I was hooked. Unfortunately, I had plans. Plans with that boy in Missouri. But oh, how I was wrong to leave you!

When I found out he was cheating, I ran to you, and you took me in without asking questions. I packed my bags and never looked back, and every day I love you more. You have made me the happiest girl in the world, and given me a real love. I want to spend my life with you, exploring every corner and the depths of your soul. I can't imagine being with any other city. Thank you for saving my life, you truly did.

Yours until the big one kills us all,


My Darling, San Francisco. As a child, I saw you as a glamorous star, full of mystery and excitement.  It was only when I was older that I learned your charm was not in your glamour, but in your soul.  Wrapped in fog, your embrace may cool the skin, but it warms my heart. Your sounds dance in my ears; trains and trolleys, street musicians and gulls. You're scent, oh your scent, a mix of spices, fresh baked bread and sea air. Miles away, I can close my eyes and remember your smell, and sigh.  Why do you feel more like home than anything I've known? The postcards that I send myself, always say the same thing, "Wish you were here." Remember when we snuck away for my birthday, just you and I?  The way your breath kissed me on my cheeks as I rode my bike across your Golden Gate Bridge left me flushed for hours.

Sometimes you are Broadway bawdy, and other times chic and sophisticated; you make me feel the same.  Because I cannot bring all of you with me, I must leave my heart with you.

My beloved San Francisco –

My love affair with you is so surreal. We've only seen each other a handful of times but every time we meet, you know the deal. Is it the air you breathe into my lungs? So fresh, so breezy.  You're my mistress from the "Valley".  It chokes me up. Makes me wheezy.  I'll never cheat on you. Not with L.A. Not with N.Y. I would only hope you don't do the same too.  Your avenues, your curves, you always keep yourself intact.  Everything's so small and intimate but you always keep it all compact.  With all of this said my sweet San Francisco, I can't be without you and I really hope you listen.  I want to ride your Market, sip your Fell, enjoy your Van Ness, hold your Mission. My apologizies and excuse me if I came across I little rigid.  It's just that whenever I think of you and the joy that you bring, it makes me shout over the highest bridges.  This I can attest to and there will never be another.  You will always be my fav.  My San Francisco.  My lover.

Dear San Francisco,

Happy Valentine's Day!  Do you believe in love at first sight?  I know you do, baby.  Because, I fell in love with you the first time we met.  I just want to tell you again how much I love you after these 25 years that we've been together.  I know it's hard to believe that it will be 25 years this October since we first met.  I will never forget that night.  I, a young college student, found myself wrapped in your arms when I first arrived here for a Grateful Dead show all those years ago.  Also, do you remember my 21st birthday?  That was crazy.  I still think that was the best time of my life and I shared it with you.  You were so amazing that night and made sure that I was treated like a king.  I am forever grateful for your loving embrace that night.  And, the sex wasn't bad either.  ;-)
Oh my darling San Francisco, on this Valentine's Day I just want to say I love you.  You have my heart now and forever. 

With Love,

Your Sweetheart, Johnny

To my true love....

I have never taken the time to write down and express the love that I feel for you; so I am taking this opportunity to do so.  We met 17 years ago, and it was love at first sight for me.   We met in the spring when the hills were green and the sky blue.  Your energy, imagination, and life-story captivated my heart.  As we got to know each other, I was able to appreciate your different neighborhoods, your culinary delights, and your quirkiness.  Like all love affairs, there were some things which took getting used to, but all in all I would not trade you and what we experienced for the world.  I plan on staying with you for a very long time and growing old together, all while still discovering more and more about each other.   I promise to always love you and come home to you should I leave your side.  We have shared many magical moments and I only hope that the love you have given me, you have felt in return....

I love you San Francisco

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