Look What’s New at the California Academy of Sciences

New! Prepare to be moved! Earthquake: Life on a Dynamic Planet, a major new exhibit and planetarium show is now open at the California Academy of Sciences.. Programs surrounding the launch will explore plate tectonics, ostrich evolution, earthquake preparedness, and more.

NEW EARTHQUAKE-THEMED PROGRAMS          Now extended into 2013!

Daily at 11:00 am

What do Poseidon, Japanese folklore, and your pet dog have in common when it comes to earthquakes? Each plays a role in a common myth or misconception about these powerful natural events. Uncover the truth behind the stories, and learn how you and your family can become quake-ready.
Daily at 11:30 am

Join us at the live ostrich chick enclosure within the Academy's new Earthquake exhibit to trace their fascinating evolutionary history and learn how they have adapted to life in Africa. You might be surprised by the connection between plate tectonics and the world's largest flightless bird.
Shows daily

Voyage through our Solar System to explore the geology of Earth's neighboring planets and moons in 3D using the latest images captured by spacecraft. We’ll size up the giant volcanoes on Mars, peel away the clouds of Venus, and slice open the planet Mercury! A live presenter will guide audiences through extraterrestrial landscapes, mountain ranges, and submerged oceans, and share how observations made far afield can help shed light on our own planet's geologic history. Visit the Forum Theater to pick up 3D show passes
Planetarium shows daily (through 2013)

Take a high-magnitude journey through our planet's geologic history to witness the processes that shape our landscape in Morrison Planetarium's newest show, narrated by Emmy-nominated actor Benjamin Bratt. Begin your journey in 1906 with an all-digital recreation of the 7.9-magnitude earthquake that rocked San Francisco, and then dive into the Earth's crust to see how it happened. Then embark on a high-speed tour through the past 200 million years, and witness the formation of the Atlantic Ocean, and visit the cradle of humanity in Africa’s Great Rift Valley, along with sites of historic earthquakes in India, China, and Japan. Along the way, you will discover how seismic events have and are continuing to shape our landscape almost constantly. Recommended for ages 7+. Proceed to the planetarium entrance upon arrival to get your show passes.

Friday – Monday at 2:00 pm

Embark on an interactive journey to some of the most monumental landscapes on Earth– above and below sea level—and learn about the role plate tectonics have played in shaping them. In our travels, we’ll see some strange, alien environments (on this planet and beyond), and discover how we can learn about earthquakes in Google Earth.


Don't miss these additional crowd favorites

Daily at 10:30 am and 3:00 pm

The Academy’s African Penguins are always especially animated during meal time. Watch the birds dip and dive in their tank at the end of African Hall as a biologist dons a wet suit and hands out vitamin-stuffed herring and capelin. Each feeding takes 10 minutes, and questions are encouraged.
Daily at 11:30 am & 2:30 pm

Watch as a diver suits up in SCUBA gear and plunges into the world’s deepest living coral reef exhibit. Outfitted with an underwater microphone, the diver will answer all of your reef-related questions.


The programs above are all free with Academy admission. The California Academy of Sciences is located at 55 Music Concourse Drive, in Golden Gate Park. Learn more at www.calacademy.org or (415) 379-8000.