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September 8, 2014

Over the Water

The Exploratorium’s new location on a major civic promenade has inspired Over the Water, an annual program of large-scale temporary artworks for the public space. Each year, a curator of international renown will work alongside the Exploratorium to select an artist to develop a project for the museum’s dynamic site on the edge of the city and the bay.

For Over the Water’s inaugural project, the Exploratorium collaborated with architecture and design curator Henry Urbach, director of the Philip Johnson Glass House, to realize a special site-specific installation with Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya. For the next project in 2014, the Exploratorium has engaged Nato Thompson, chief curator at Creative Time in New York.

As part of the Exploratorium’s reopening in April 2013, Japanese artist Fujiko Nakaya has created a fog installation stretching across the 150-foot-long pedestrian bridge that spans the water between Piers 15 and 17. Water pumped at high pressure through more than 800 nozzles will create an immersive environment that shrouds participants in mist and puts their own senses, perception, and surroundings at the center of their experience. The work is stunningly lit at night.

The Fog Bridge is active during open hours, every half hour. There is no admission required to participate in this exhibit

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Photo by Sonny Ebasamis/CC

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