What you can’t see will amaze you.

Narrated by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, this immersive planetarium show features exquisite renderings of enigmatic cosmic phenomena, seminal scientific instruments, and spectacular scenes in deep space.  Experience Dark Universe in the largest all-digital planetarium in the world!

An exhilarating voyage through the known and unknown, Dark Universe plunges audiences into two of today’s biggest cosmic mysteries—dark matter and dark energy. Hurtle through Jupiter’s atmosphere, sail out to the far reaches of space, and be there for the birth of our own galaxy while exploring how our understanding of the Universe has evolved over time.

The California Academy of Sciences is offering a suite of new public programs that explore cosmology with live presentations, demonstrations and hands-on activities.  

January 31-October 9, 2014 –
Dark Universe is playing daily in the Morrison Planetarium

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Show tickets are included with General Admission.


Dark Universe was developed by the
American Museum of Natural History, New York www.amnh.org,
in collaboration with the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco,
and GOTO INC, Tokyo, Japan.