Photo by Jeffrey Chiang

The rain makes people in SF do a lot of things: sleep later, work from home, watch movies all day. You get the point, we like to stay inside. When we do venture outside to be social, it is almost always over a hot bowl of delicious ramen. Next time it rains in the city, think of it as a blessing in disguise and go get yourself a bowl of ramen at any of these places:


430 Geary Street, Union Square

Located in the heart of the Theater District on Geary, sits a ramen shop with small tables, bar seats and questionable decor. Add up the line out the door and the delicious ramen inside and you'll feel like you've been transported to Japan. What makes this an "Only in San Francisco" experience? The deep-fried chicken ramen.

Ramen Underground

355 Kearny Street, Financial District

Ramen Underground is technically not underground, but without the daily lines, it would be hard to recognize. Sitting on the Union Square/Financial District border, Ramen Underground is one of the new kids on the block that is getting rave reviews about how authentic it is. Looking for a place with a soft-boiled egg? This is the place.

Hapa Ramen

One Ferry Building

The hardest bowl of ramen to get is at the Ferry Building. That's because it's only served on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hapa Ramen takes a modern take on the old classic, from sous vide stock and vegerables to locally-sourcing all of their ingredients. You'll notice right away why it is only served on Tuesdays and Thursdays, something this good takes time.


1740 Buchanan Street, Japantown

If you want options, you need to head over to Japantown and step into Tanpopo. The have 13 different bowls of ramen and countless more sushi options. The favorite bowl among the bunch: Karamiso, ramen with spicy miso broth.

Ken Ken Ramen

3378 18th Street, Mission District

Located around the corner from 18th Street and Mission, Ken Ken Ramen is another new ramen shop that is quickly gaining a following. Birthed from the minds of Ramen Chef Takahiro Hori, Stefan Roesch and Robert Patterson, Ken Ken, like so many new restaurants, started out as a popup. Since the beginning, they have been serving super fresh, super clean and delicious ramen. Adding to the lore, they never take reservations and always seem to run out of ramen from time to time.

Izakaya Sozai

1500 Irving Street, Sunset

This place is all about the pork and it's the Ritsu Tonkotsu Ramen ramen you want to get. The pork is never overly fatty and always full of flavor. It doesn't stop at Ramen at this joint. They do have an extensive menu of Japanese tapas.

What's your favorite? Tell us in the comments.