Interested in Dine About Town but unsure how it works? Here is a list of answers to our most frequently asked questions. Read the whole FAQ or select the category you have a question about:

The Basics

What is Dine About Town?

Dine About Town is San Francisco’s "restaurant week." Being a city for foodies though, one week isn’t enough. The program runs twice a year for two weeks, January 15-31 and June 1-15, so you can indulge again and again. 

Dine About Town was started in 2001 in response to 9/11. Restaurants saw a large decrease in diners, so the program was developed to entice diners to try new restaurants and to eat out during slow restaurant periods. The program was so popular that it has continued for thirteen years.

How does it work?

Restaurants sign up to offer a fixed price 2-or 3-course lunch option for $18.95 and/or a 3-course dinner option for $36.95. Since we’re all about deals, Dine About Town menus will offer a 10-25% discount off regularly priced menu items. During January 15-31 and June 1-15, participating restaurants will offer their Dine About Town menu, sometimes alongside their regular menus, and other time as the only menu. Be sure to request the Dine About Town menu when you dine.

Please note that dates and times of restaurant participation may vary. Verify on each restaurant’s page that they’re serving the Dine About Town menu during your preferred day/time.

Who dines during Dine About Town?

Anyone – locals or visitors – who is hungry for great food and a great deal.

How do I participate?

Dine at over 100 participating restaurants during January 15-31 and June 1-15, and order off the restaurant’s Dine About Town menu. Dine About Town menus are for individuals, so it doesn’t matter how many people are in your party.

Are reservations required?

They are not required, but they are highly recommended. Reservations can be made for all restaurants through in partnership with OpenTable. The Dine About Town website always launches one month before the promotion begins.  Tables fill up quickly so book early and often.

Finding Your Restaurant

Which restaurants participate?

We’re a city of movers and shakers and the list of Dine About Town restaurants changes annually. This year, over 100 restaurants are serving a lunch and/or dinner Dine About Town meal.

How do I find a restaurant?

Here! Aka, Use the handy dandy search options at the top to find a restaurant in your neighborhood or with your preferred type of cuisine. Or browse the full list and search the map. Click on the restaurant’s name to see their menu, location and times of participation. Or click on the meal type (lunch or dinner) next to the restaurant name to book your table.

If you make reservations do they have to be just for Dine About Town?

No, you do not need to specify that you’re dining for Dine About Town when booking your table. You can make reservations at any participating restaurant and order the Dine About Town menu once you arrive at the restaurant.


Do the menus change?

Yes, most menus change from January to June and every year. Please click on the participating restaurant’s name to view their Dine About Town offering.

Is there only one option for each course?

It’s up to each restaurant how many options they provide for each course. Some restaurants offer multiple first/second/third course options and some only have one fixed price dish for each course. Menus will be posted on each restaurant’s page at

How large are the dishes?

Portion sizes vary by restaurant. Because the menus are intended for two or three courses, they often are standard sized dishes.

Are there drink specials?

It varies by restaurant, but will be listed on each menu. Wine pairings or other drink specials are optional and you do not have to be 21 to participate in Dine About Town.



Who supports Dine About Town?

Dine About Town is organized by the San Francisco Travel Association and is presented by American Express. Major sponsors include BART, the San Francisco Chronicle, SF Weekly, San Francisco Magazine, SFMTA.

How can restaurants participate?

Participating restaurants are partners of the San Francisco Travel Association and must register well in advance of the program. If you’re a restaurant interested in participating, contact us here.