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Sep 5 - 20

San Francisco Fringe Festival

Sep 6 - 7

Autumn Moon Festival

Sep 7

Giant Race

Sep 7

San Francisco Opera in the Park

Ongoing Features

  • Skulls

    Through November 30

    Skulls, a new, 4,000-square-foot exhibit at the California Academy of Sciences, features 640 different dead heads. Skulls on display range from an enormous African bull elephant to a tiny shrew, from frogs, fish, and birds to giraffes, warthogs, and walruses. Academy scientists use dermestid beetle larvae to quickly (and safely) clean delicate bones and visitors will be able to see these larvae scour dried flesh from animal bones.

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  • Yerba Buena Gardens Festival
    Yerba Buena Gardens Festival

    Through October 26

    The 2014 Yerba Buena Gardens Festival (YBGF) will present more than 90 free events including music, theater, circus, dance, poetry and children’s programs through Oct. 26. This year’s festival expands programming at Jessie Square in front of the Contemporary Jewish Museum to include poetry, dance workshops and salsa dancing. Yerba Buena Gardens is located between Mission, Howard, Third and Fourth streets in downtown San Francisco.

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Sponsored Events

Comic Confessions at Stagewerx on 9/3/2014

Wednesday, Sep 3 07:45 PM - Wednesday, Sep 3 10:00 PM

Gourmet San Francisco: Hayes Valley

Friday, Sep 5 02:00 PM

Steve Silver's Beach Blanket Babylon

Wednesday, Sep 3 08:00 PM

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