55 year old Gregory has spent his adult life denying the loss he experienced as a young man during the AIDS crisis. After a near-death experience, The Lady appears to him. Is she an inner guide from the Jungian collective unconscious? Or a musical hallucination resulting from a small stroke? Gregory is pushed out of his solitary reality, by his unlikely muse, and down the rabbit hole of mid-life crisis where he enters into a turbulent, dangerous relationship with a young male escort named "Chance." Directed by legendary theater icon Robert Kalfin (founder of the multiple Tony Award-winning Chelsea Theatre Center), this unique theatrical cocktail will be one part fun, one part pathos, and one part magic. Musical direction by local jazz artist Tammy L. Hall lends a touch of sophistication and class to the musical storytelling. Randy Roberts (The Lady) is an internationally known female impersonator and star of Randy Roberts-LIVE! (also featured at The Alcove). Ken Lear (Chance) hails from New York where he was recently featured in Naked Boys Singing! Richard Hefner (Gregory) is the writer and star of YouTube viral hit "Boys and Girls." Premium tickets include reserved stage-side cabaret seating, wine, and other goodies. The Alcove Theater is a hidden gem near Union Square - comfortable, classy and welcoming. Adult situations and partial nudity.