Happy Holidays! Thank you for your interest in serving with SF City Impact this holiday season. We appreciate your time and efforts in reaching the Tenderloin Community. This is San Francisco City Impact's 29th year hosting this Thanksgiving Day Outreach Event and we look forward to spending time with you all in serving our favorite community. Like last year, we are asking volunteers to partner with San Francisco City Impact by paying a $25 registration fee which will go directly towards making this event possible - the fee will underwrite the cost of the event. However, children under the age of 10 are free. Goals on this day: Deliver 7,000 hot meals to homes Serve 300 Sit Down Thanksgiving Dinners Deliver 500 grocery bags Registration: Begins at 8:30am (Please bring your printed ticket to the event in order to speed up the registration process) Registration will be located at the Kroc Center/Salvation Army 240 Turk STREET Parking: Rock Star Parking SFCI is proud to have a flat rate with this parking garage at $10 per vehicle for the day. 265 Eddy Street SF Ca 94102 Please show them your Eventbrite TICKET. Group Registration: For groups, please have your group register individually or designate a group leader to pay for your group and email a list in advance of first and last names including contact information (address, email and phone number) to the email address below to speed up the registration process. Email this list to: hayley@sfcityimpact.com Jobs Available: 1. Sit Down Thanksgiving Dinners Positions Still Available 2. Kitchen Positions Still Available 3. Security Positions Still Available 4. Groceries P ositions Still Available 5. Registration/Greeters Positions Still Available 6. Community Host/Ushers P ositions Still Available 7. Get Connected Positions Still Available 8. Meal Prep Positions Still Available 9. Meal Delivery Positions Still Available 1. Sit Down Thanksgiving Dinners: This team will host a Thanksgiving Dinner indoors for those who come in off the street. They will be greeted with volunteers and have an experience of a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. This is a very intimate experience with those who live in the area, mostly those without homes. 2. Kitchen: Those who sign up for Kitchen will prepare all the food for 10,000 meals. Over 3000 lbs of turkey (turkey and turkey breast) will come through this kitchen. Activities include: Deboning turkey, cooking mashed potatoes, cooking, slicing and chopping vegetables. Any level of experience is welcome. This job requires volunteers to move quick, work well with others, and is the first team to get started for the day. This team will most likely miss the day's orientation and volunteer briefing. 3. Security: This team will help with crowd control. During large events, it's nice to have help with keeping the volunteers and residents calm and organized as there is an order to the day. Sfci prides itself in making sure the community gets blessed on this day and needs security to make sure this happens smoothly. We need strong, orderly, yet kind volunteers for this job. 4. Groceries: This group will prepare and pass out over 500 bags of groceries to those who attend our block party. 5. Registration/Greeters: This team helps greet those standing in line to receive groceries and meals. We would like volunteers who are outgoing and like to meet new people. This is a great time to get to know the people in the lines and spend time chatting with them to make the time go by faster as they wait. 6. Community Host/Ushers: This team will be the group who will host and usher our community guest into our block party. We have a 15 minute service to introduce Sfci and celebrate and encourage them as they come in. 7. Get Connected: A designated group of people who will meet all the residents and help them by offering them prayer and referrals to places they might need. 8. Adopt a Building: These groups are part of the SFCI's Adopt a Building department and these small groups will go into the surrounding builidngs and have a small Thanksgiving party in the apartments or apartments community room. This is a good way to get to know the residents in the Tenderloin Community. 9. Meal Prep: This will be held in two locations. Each location is half a block away from each other. This whole event is based on getting hot Thanksgiving Dinners to 10,000 people who have signed up in advance for these meals. The meal delivery job is an assembly line formation and there is always a lot of energy in this team. If you are planning on bringing kids, this is a fun place for them to help and there is usually more space for them to roam in case they get a little bored. Location 1 - 230 Jones Street: is located on Jones Street the main campus of SF City Impact between Eddy St and Turk Street. The meal prep area can accomodate up to 50 people Location 2 - Kroc Center: is located at 140 Turk Street, between Jones St and Leavenworth Street. The Kroc Center/ Salvation Army has offered its facilities to Sfci to help us serve the 5,000 meals to the Tenderloin Community. It's a beautiful facility. The meal prep area will be held in the gymnasium. 10. Meal Delivery: These groups hand deliver all the prepared food to the people. All deliveries are done by foot. Vehicles are not necessary, however, if there are few peole that would like to drive, please let your leader know on that day. They will arrange for your group to take the meals that are furthest away. Families and those who don't want to be confined to one area love this task. All meals are carried in banana boxes to the assigned builidings. Often times, it might seem as if you're waiting around, however, this is the nature of the job. All the Meal Prep teams are doing their best to pump out the meals. So please be patient. This job is vital to getting the job done! We hope you have a great time and let's make this a holiday that the Tenderloin Community won't ever forget! If you have any questions, we have our own Holiday Volunteer Coordinator to help assist you with any questions: Hayley Duerstock hayley@sfcityimpact.com Holiday Volunteer Coordinator ALL Proceeds Directly Benefit San Francisco City Impact And Are Tax Deductible (Tax Id No. 90-0332259)