Do you love fine chocolate? You have come to the right city, because San Francisco is at the center of the new wave of artisan chocolatiers. They're experimenting with high quality beans, new methods of production, exotic fillings and breathtaking packaging. On this tour you will learn about what makes fine chocolate and sample from a wide array of San Francisco gourmet chocolate boutiques. Your chocolate obsessed guide will fill you in on the history of chocolate, its health benefits and all the latest trends. All while strolling through San Francisco's historic waterfront area, where Ghirardelli first set up shop during the Gold Rush. Tastings: * Dark chocolate tasting from America's first small batch chocolate maker * Assorted truffles from a beloved local chocolatier who showcases fresh, farmer's markets ingredients * Blind chocolate bar tasting at a specialty newsstand that carries 225 different bars from 15 different countries * Champagne truffles by Oprah's favorite Swiss chocolatier * Hot chocolate from a Belgian chocolatier known for its delectable butter creams * Unique ganaches from a chocolateria dedicated to finding exceptional chocolates from small, family-owned makers around the world * Luxurious milk bars from San Francisco’s most famous, historic chocolate maker