There’s Halloween Parties & Then There’s DONOVAN’S Halloween Experience Bigger Venue. Bigger Theatrical Production. Bigger Entertainment. 20 Party Rooms Of Horror. 3 Rooms Of Music & Dancing. Get Ready For The Most Terrifyingly, Spectacular Night Of Your Life!!! Let 11 Years Of Pictures Speak For Themselves... A picture is worth a thousand words, so here is what makes The Haunted Ball the hottest, most famous Halloween Party in San Francisco for the past 11 years!!! The Haunted Ball 2012 Photo Gallery: The Haunted Ball 2011 Photo Gallery: The Haunted Ball 2010 Photo Gallery: T he Haunted Ball 2009 Photo Gallery: The Haunted Ball 2008 Photo Gallery: The Haunted Ball 2007 Photo Gallery: The Haunted Ball 2006 Photo Gallery: The Haunted Ball 2005 Photo Gallery: The Haunted Ball 2004 Photo Gallery: __________ When it comes to the hottest crowd, the most elaborate & sexiest costumes, the most enchanting & theatrical venue, & the biggest, most professional Theatrical Production of Halloween decorations & props (Now Over $100,000 In Eerie Decor & Monsters!!!), The Haunted Ball unquestionably stands worlds apart from the rest. Nothing Comes Close. There Is No Comparison. This is Halloween done the way it was meant to be experienced… We Bring the "Spook" Back To Halloween Transporting You Into A Whole Different 'Haunted World' Dimension Where You will be Immersed in the 'Childhood Spirit' of what Halloween Stands for... \ OVER $100,000 In Spooky Theatrical Production, Eerie Decor & Monsters As We Transform our new, more terrifying venue " The 1874 United States Old Mint Building " into a Haunted Mansion!!! __________ From the Creator of San Francisco's biggest, most successful Halloween phenomenon for the Past 11 Years. Donovan Presents "The Haunted Ball" (12th Annual) @ The 1874 United States Old Mint Building The Legend CONTINUES... Friday Night, October 25th 3 Rooms of Music & Dancing!!! 20 Rooms of Spooky Party Settings, Eerie Decor & Spooky Monsters!!! __________ CLUB Blood Haunted House Music & Monster Mash-Ups By Donovan (Playboy Mansion, Av Nightclub (Hollywood), Lure Nightclub (Hollywood)) w/ 'Live Guitarist' Chris Clouse & 'Live Violinist' Dave KIM & Special DJ Set By Chris Clouse (Harlot, Grand, Mezzanine) Opening Performance by DJ Hector Garza (DonovanSF #1 Resident DJ) Club Evil Haunted House Music & Monster Mash-Ups By Monster Mash Ups By FRENCHY Le Freak (Ruby Skye, Grand, Supperclub) & Nader (Harlot Co-Owner) THE Dungeon Cocktail-Conducive, Spine-Tingling Music By Hanik (Café de la Mar, Servino Sundays, Sens Happy Hour) LORENTZO (San Francisco's #1 Private Afterhours) __________ Celebrating 11 Years Of Sell-Out Halloween EVENTS From the event organizer of San Francisco's biggest, most successful Halloween phenomenon for the past 11 years (Ana Mandara: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007 & 2006), (The Regency Center: 2005), (The Mark Hopkins Hotel Grand Ballroom: 2004); (W Hotel: 2003 & 2002), come the next legendary installment of his extravagantly infamous Halloween creation. Donovan, recognized as the pioneer of cultivating the upscale, sophisticated nightlife scene movement of San Francisco and famous for having "the best looking, most fashion-forward crowd in San Francisco" and the "#1 Halloween Party Of The Bay Area" for over a decade presents his 12th Annual Halloween Celebration: "The Haunted Ball" at one of spookiest, most historical United States landmarks of the country: 1874 United States Old Mint BUILDING This breathtaking, theatrical venue provides the ultimate enchanting Halloween party setting and The Haunted Ball boasts the biggest, most expensive, most professionally produced Halloween theatrical production of Northern California (now boasting over $100,000 in eerie decor & spooky monsters). Join Donovan's fashion-forward community for an upscale Halloween affair like no other in the city. For those looking for something classier and more sophisticated out of their nightlife experience, please join us for what has become San Francisco's most famous, most sexy, most classy and most upscale Halloween tradition. __________ Special Prizes for Best Costume, Sexiest Costume, Scariest Costume, Best Couple Costume, and Best Group Costume. __________ COSTUMES REQUIRED. Space is Extremely Limited. This Famous Event always Sells Out 2+ Weeks in Advance… You must purchase your tickets in advance to secure your admission. $$$ !!!Purchase Tickets Now To Save Lots Of Money!!! $$$