For Detailed Information, Scary Photos, Terrifying Videos, & A Lot More Really Spooky Stuff, please visit our website at: WATCH The Movie Trailer For "Haunted House Of Horrors"!!! Click Here Horror Comes To San FRANCISCO!!! “Haunted House of Horrors” is San Francisco’s “First-Ever” Haunted House / Halloween Attraction at the historical national landmark: The 1874 United States Old Mint that stored one-third of the nation’s currency-backed gold. For 6 nights of terror, running from noon Saturday, October 26 th until Halloween Night, October 31 st ! The Old Mint will be frighteningly transformed into the scariest, most terrifying experience of your life! Boasting a $150,000 spooky, theatrical production with 25 chambers of terror, 2 scary mazes of screams, over 30 soul-jarring scare-actors, an ‘interactive’ movie theatre showcasing all of your favorite horror-movie classics, 3 ‘movie set’ photo shoot opportunities with your favorite monster characters, scare!cams, bloody-red carpet, movie premiere paparazzi shots, thrilling-live shows, a killer-costume fashion show, a creepy candy store, a costume shop, a ‘blood & guts’ grille, and a blood bar & lounge to quench even the thirstiest vampires wet appetite! What makes “Haunted House of Horrors” different from other Haunted House attractions? Unlike most “Haunted House” Halloween attractions, San Francisco’s “Haunted House of Horrors” redefines this live entertainment genre with what we call a “live-interactive, ‘live the horror movie’ experience. “Haunted House of Horrors” is a ‘live movie’ that you are the star of, Not Only running for your life to survive, but the hero of the movie that must defeat the evil! There is a story and plot to our ‘live-interactive movie’ that unfolds as you walk and run through our Haunted House of Horrors. Learn the ‘back story’ to the “Haunted House of Horrors” live-interactive movie under our “Story” page under “Event Info” section, as well as our “Prequel” short-movie series that will release ‘piece by bloody piece” of the storyline each week leading up to the interactive-movie release date on October 26th!!! Mentally brace yourself for the most terrifying, near-death, run for your life, live-interactive, ‘Live the Horror Movie’ experience through one of San Francisco’s oldest, spookiest, most historical landmarks: THE 1874 United States Old Mint Building National Historical Landmark Built In 1874 One of the few buildings to withstand San Francisco's infamous 1906 earquake. At that time, The Old Mint stored over $300 million, a third of the United States' gold reserves. FEATURING Hundreds of Horrifying Life-Size Monsters, Ghouls & Ghosts!!! Some Alive, Some Living Dead!!! 25 Terrifying Chambers of Horror! !! 2 Scary Mazes of Screams!!! KILLER Pics Of You!!! On The Set ‘Monster & Me’ Shots Take your picture with Frankenstein in his Electric Chair, jump in the coffin with Count Dracula, or have a bunch of brain-thirsty zombies feasting on you on our Hollywood movie-quality sets! SCARE!CAM 'Caught on Camera’ Shots If you survive the “Haunted House of Horrors”, live to tell and show pictures of you and your friends screaming your lungs out! LIVE From The ‘BLOODY’ Red Carpet ‘You are the Star’ Shots Walk our red carpet like a real movie star as paparazzi flash their cameras while you pose with monster actors in the “Haunted House of Horrors” live movie you are about to Live! Additional Family Entertainment For All Ages!!! Creepshow Interactive Horror Theatre Horror Movie Classics All Day (PG, PG-13, R) with blood-thirsty vampires serving you and a few other terrifying surprises! Do or Die! Videogame Battle Zone to the Death! You are not only fighting monsters in the game, but competing against monsters (such as zombies), game controller in hand, on the couch next to you! KILLER Couture Costume Fashion Show Bleeding, Cutting-Edge, High-Fashion Costumes Meet the Runway in this One-Of-A-Kind Theatrical, Halloween-Themed, Catwalk Production where Scary never looked so Sexy! Thriller A Family Show that will Thrill & Kill You !! ! Deadly Dancers!!! Eerie Aerialists!!! Creepy Contortionists!!! Freaky Fire Jugglers!!! Stalking Stilt Walkers!!! OTHER Scary Family Attractions!!! Creepy Candy Store Candy that will give you the Creeps!!! Come sink your sweet tooth into our Gum Ball Eyes, Chocolate Fingers, Gummy Worms & Tarantulas, Lollipop Bones, Lizard Lips & lots of other really Creepy Candies … Blood & Guts Grille Feast on Horrifying Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Pizza Slices and other Dead Stuff… Gory Gifts Shop : Your one-stop shop to purchasing your ‘Killer Pics’, “Haunted House of Horror” merchandise, and other horrible things for sale… FOR Parents & Adults Only!!! Count Dracula’s “ Blood Bar ”: Enjoy a nice glass of wine, beer or evil spirit in our “Vampire-Themed” setting. Daily wine-tastings & un-happy hour specials! We will quench even the most blood-thirsty va mpire’s wet appetite ! The Old Mint, 88 5th St., San Francisco, Ca 94103 Where Is The Old Mint? The Old Mint is conveniently located across the street from Westfield Shopping Centre and walking distance to Union Square. It is located at the corner of Fifth and Mission Streets in downtown San Francisco, The address of the building is 88 5th St., San Francisco, Ca 94103. Parking Information Ample parking is available at the city-owned Fifth and Mission/Yerba Buena Center garage located diagonally across Fifth and Mission Streets. The closest parking lot to the Old Mint is the 5th and Mission / Yerba Buena Center Parking Garage diagonally across the street from the Old Mint and directly across the street from the Westfield Shopping Centre on Mission at 5th Street. An alternate public garage that is a comfortable walking-distance from the Old Mint is the Union Square garage located Geary Street between Powell and Stockton (directly across the street from Macy’s). There is also the Ellis O'Farrell garage off Ellis Street in between Powell and Stockton. Metered street parking is limited. WATCH The Movie Trailer For "Haunted House Of Horrors"!!! Click HERE For Detailed Information, Scary Photos, Terrifying Videos, & A Lot More Really Spooky Stuff, please visit our website at: WHERE To Find A Lot More On The Horror!!! We highly recommend you keep checking back at our website as additional major announcements will be made shortly that will further take our Halloween attraction to a whole new level distinctly different from all other haunted house Halloween-attractions. We have some very exciting announcements that we cannot wait to share with you! 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