Hi friends, Please join us for an outrageous, live variety show celebrating the spirit of San Francisco art and culture. Hosted by Joe Tobin, and with DJ JOill on the tables, Moonlighting SF is bringing back the funny and feel-good variety show while adding a twist of modern edge, wit, and, glamour. Gather some loved ones and come early to PREHEAT with us! 7 - 8: PREHEAT with JOill 8 - 9:15: Moonlighting SF With love, me ********** Your hos t, Joe Tobin (Independent Film Channel, SF Sketchfest) Originally from Philadelphia, Joe has become a regular in Bay Area comedy clubs, and he has been fortunate to work with such great comedians as Dave Chappelle, Jake Johannsen, Doug Benson, and Zach Galifiankis, to name a few. (Joe Montana once shook his hand and said, “good job.” This may have been the highlight of his career.) An East Coast personality trapped in a West Cost lifestyle, Joe’s standup has been featured on the Independent Film Channel, the SF Sketchfest, and he also blogs (mostly about sports) at joetobin.com. ********** Your DJ, JOill (PREHEAT with JOill) JOill Detroi-bred, has been calling San Francisco his home since 2001. His name is a combination of the classic American name, "Jo", combined with his Korean roots & middle name,"ill." JOill has been performing musically since 1986. His background & training in Detroit in his early ages as a jazz saxophonist was a great platform for him to grasp the electronic side of music. Growing up by both Detroit & Chicago, these concrete-jungle-like classrooms gave him access to many styles of music early on such as Motown, Blues, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop & of course, his main choice as a DJ, Electronic Dance Music. To try & classify him would do no good. His electrifying style of music combines elements of deep, tech, progressive, breaks, booty & soulful house that result in an infectious groove. JOill has been known to move dance floors around the globe. Not only has he performed at prestigious clubs, parties & festivals around the U.S., he has & still is working internationally as well. You can find JOill gracing the historical stages of France & Bulgaria, the tropical paradises of Brazil & the fairy-dusted deserts of Burning Man, to name just a few. ********** Just the Tip by Wells Day Wells Day has appeal. He’s always 30 minutes from anywhere, the life of the pre-party, and the guy who always has something to say about something. He quips, imbibes, torts and retorts. Wells hails from nowhere in particular and grew to a very large stature at the early age of around that time. His idea of a perfect Thursday afternoon is sipping Suntory to the sounds of Patrick Swayze crooning about a woman riding the wind. “Just the Tip” is a permanent fixture in “Moonlighting SF” and offers Wells a platform for irreverent discourse on the mayhem that ensues in this liberal bastion by the bay. You know that old adage, “Alls Wells that ends Wells, with Just the Tip.” Never full insertion. ********** Alexa Von Kickinface ( Hubba Hubba Revue, Bubbles on Fire ) Alexa Von Kickinface is the babe who keeps her big brains in her bra! This pinup, performer, and emcee dazzles audiences with her quick wit, huge stage presence, and heaving talents. Alexa has been featured all over the Bay Area burlesque scene including shows with Hubba Hubba Revue, Bubbles on Fire, Bass Cabaret, the Lynx Bawdy Vaudeville Show, Red Hots Burlesque where she regularly emcees, among many more! She has also been a cast member in Burlesque and Why: the Naked Truth, Red Hots Burlesque's first stage show and has made an appearance on Speakeasily - the Bay Area's burlesque talk show. Follow her on Twitter @AlexaV_K, on facebook at www.facebook.com/AlexaVonKickinface, or Instagram for insight into the silly, stoney, and sparkly life of the Bay Area's unique buxom treasure. ********** J abari Davis ( Charlie Murphy’s Acid Trip T our, Bas ement Legends ) Jabari Davis has taken the San Francisco comedy community by storm wi t h humor that combines down and dirty street smarts with thought-provoking intellect. With a style that interweaves true-life failures backed by undeniable logic, his comedic dialogue transcends not only cultural barriers, but social classes as well. Jabari has performed in the nation’s biggest Comedy clubs including The Comedy Store, The Ice House Comedy Club, San Francisco Punchline, Sacramento Punchline, Cobb’s Comedy Club, Carolines on Broadway and Gotham Comedy Club, to name a few. In 2010 he debuted his one-man Solo Performance piece, “Felony Swagger With a Degree,” in the San Francisco Theater Festival amid rave reviews. He was invited back to the Festival in 2011 to perform another Solo Performance piece, both of which were directed by W. Kamau Bell of FX’s “Totally Biased.” In 2011 and 2012 Jabari was selected to perform in San Francisco prestigious Comedy Day alongside Robin Williams, Diane Amos, and Gina Yashere. Jabari has also opened for Charlie Murphy’s Acid Trip Tour, and was recently selected to perform in the Cape Fear Comedy Festival. ********** Gabi Holzwarth (Hip Hop Violinist) Gabi Holzwarth has been playing the violin classically since the age of three, and only recently began her career as a contemporary/hip-hop violinist. She underwent a very tough period of her life in which she did not have the strength to play. When she was finally able to pick it up again, she saw how quickly it brought her soul back to life. At this point she realized that her goal for her career and life were one and the same - to touch the lives of others and to inspire as many people as she can with her music. ********** The Tenderloin Love Stories During group therapy sessions for recovering punk rockers, Terence Bennan was ‘encouraged’ to take real voice lessons at City College of San Francisco. These efforts were applauded as progress, as were subsequent performances with the Redwood Symphony Orchestra and the San Francisco Cabaret Opera. The horrible spectacle you are about to witness is a battle between good (punk rock) and evil (Classical voice). Either way, a sad triumph of “San Francisco Values” is guaranteed.