"Evasco's one-woman show, co-written with and directed by John Caldon, is an explosively funny and seductively revealing look back in bewilderment as her own sexuality came into focus amid the mores of Filipino-American culture and a mother in denial. Graphic sexual remembrances that might seem shocking if simply written out here become part of the high-comedy fabric of the show thanks to Evasco's affable, informal, and even jubilant presentation and a matter-of-fact delivery of what could be disturbing revelations." - Richard Dodds, Bay Area Reporter MOMMY Queerest begins with young teenaged Kat having her earth shattered when she realizes that she and her mother are both lesbian. Too bad her mom hasn't figured it out yet despite the fact she's been living with her partner since Kat was six years old! After a spectacularly failed attempt to share this epiphany with her mom, Kat lurches through her own teenage sexploration with guys and girls, trying to figure out how she fits in with her family, community and self. After a decade of attempting to educate this wayward parent about what it means to be lesbian, she discovers there is still a thing or two she can learn from her mom. Kat Evasco tackles conflict with humorous insight, while illustrating the experience of being a Filipina lesbian, gay Christian, survivor of sexual abuse and young American just trying to get some. Written by Kat Evasco and John Caldon, performed by Kat Evasco, and directed by John Caldon, Mommy Queerest chronicles the coming out process of a lesbian daughter and a closeted lesbian mother, illustrating how the reclaiming of their sexuality challenges and strengthens their relationship. Presented by Guerrilla Rep & DIVAfest. The show includes adult content and strong language. No children under 16 please. THERE Will Be No Late Seating.