Celebrate these four diverse artists and their installation with light refreshments. Cut paper is the medium that brings these four artists together, and while each has developed personalized techniques to obtain unique styles and aesthetics, the fundamental materials are the same. Meditative in nature, the cutting of paper is a slow, deliberate, and often solitary practice that lends itself to a magical quality. In order to create with cut paper, the artist must first destroy, an alchemical process, speaking to the divine dichotomy of creation and destruction. The artists' individual practices entail the use of hidden meanings within images and symbols, which will be an interesting point of departure. They are fascinated by the ephemeral quality of paper and how it is much like the fleeting experience of human memories/stories and of life itself. The framework for this artistic collaboration will allow for the intersection of historical identities and create a model for transmutation of past episodes into their effects on the present and how we might approach or look at the future. For more information about this project, visit the Artist Fellows page. Ticket Information Admission into the artist reception is free of charge. Sponsor This project is presented in partnership with Kua'aina Associates and Galer