Experience the incredible story of the Sarajevo Haggadah through a stirring live musical and multimedia performance created by composer and accordionist Merima Ključo, in collaboration with artist Ruah Edelstein. Drawing on the musical traditions of Spain, Italy, Austria, and Bosnia and Herzagovina, Ključo’s composition charts the legendary journey of the illuminated manuscript across time, borders, and cultures: an exodus from medieval Spain during the Inquisition; a WWII rescue by a Muslim curator and imam; survival during the 1992 Bosnian War; and restoration at the National Museum in Sarajevo. Presented by The CJM and the JCCSF. The Sarajevo Haggadah performance was commissioned by the Foundation for Jewish Culture’s New Jewish Culture Network, a league of North American performing arts presenters committed to the creation and touring of innovative projects, and developed in residence at The Yellow Barn. The New Jewish Culture Network has received major support from the Howard and Geraldine Polinger Family Foundation. Additional support is provided by the Anne Abramson Foundation and other donors.