Few names attain the status of legend or institution. Joey Negro certainly is both. Intrinsically linked with the birth of Soulful house in the UK and it’s rise globally, Joey Negro is the most well-known pseudonym of master British DJ/producer/remixer Dave Lee. The name, an homage to Pal Joey and J. Walter Negro, has nonetheless become his calling card and synonymous with a house sound deeply rooted in disco. Under a plethora of other monikers including Jakatta, Akabu, The Sunburst Band, Sessomatto, Doug Willis, Raven Maize, and Z Factor, Dave was one of the first artists to incorporate disco samples in house music when he began his production career in 1988. Indeed, he was in the studio making credible, quality house music when many luminaries around him were still busy getting to grips with their decks. Little has changed since then and Dave is still widely regarded as one of the most commercially successful and in-demand artists on the global scene. A producer first and foremost, his work ethic is legendry, having been involved in well over 200 productions, countless albums and a healthy stack of hit singles such as ‘Must Be The Music’, ‘Make A Move On Me’, ‘Can’t Get High Without You’ and Jakatta’s ‘American Dream’ and ‘My Vision’, his discography is as impressive as they come and he continues to release a single per month. Collaborating with top musicians, vocalists and highly respected remixers such as Dennis Ferrer, Henrik Schwarz, Ame and Jimpster, has given him a reputation as one of the most sought after and well respected artists in the scene. His deep understanding as a selector of all things soulful and house on the dancefloor have ensured his status on the global DJ circuit worldwide to this day. Joey Negro's sets reflect his extensive love of music ranging from rare disco through to vocal and classic house often into more deep, electronic and techy areas, his sets littered with exclusive tracks, old and new. His performances are nothing short of legendary, leaving his audience uplifted, sweaty, sore and clamoring for more. Make sure you do not miss his rare, San Francisco appearance at Mighty Real on Saturday, March 29 th, 2014.