Join Sister Simone Campbell and Sundance Award-Winning Filmmaker Melissa Regan to celebrate our documentary film in progress about the Nuns On The Bus ! - Hug and hob-nob with Sister Simone Campbell, leader of the "Nuns On The Bus" - Watch our latest work-in-progress cut - Get On The Bus! L earn more about the nuns and help us finish the film! Who are Sister Simone and the Nuns On The Bus? Maybe you saw Sister Simone on The Colbert Report ? The Daily Show ? Speaking at the 2012 Democratic National Convention ? Sister Simone is a troublemaker. She's a Catholic nun, a lawyer, and a lobbyist. In April, 2012 the Vatican issued a censure against 80% of American nuns for being radical feminists and not speaking out enough against abortion and same-sex marriage. Sister Simone responded by elevating the work and voices of Sisters even higher by launching a cross-country “Nuns On The Bus” road-trip for social justice. That tour has become a brand that is now launching a movement, inviting us all to be “a nun on the bus”. We're Making a Movie! For the past year and a half documentary filmmaker Melissa Regan has been on the road filming the adventures of Sister Simone, from Iowa corn fields to the Oval Office to Rome, as she speaks out for social justice. We have so much extraordinary footage but now we need funds to complete the film. The Nuns On The Bus documentary film is a joyful, funny, intimate story of Sister Simone Campbell’s journey. It explores issues that are vital to everyone's future, challenging our notions of religion and politics, the role of government, women and power, our own faith, and our sense of ourselves as a nation. Get on the Bus! We hope that you are as inspired as we are by this incredible movement, and we invite you to join us and Sister Simone on March 10. Come enjoy some good company, learn more about the Sisters' work, and help us finish this film! And please, share this invitation with others who may also be moved (and tickled) by these troublemaking nuns. The reception will include refreshments. Thanks for joining us and helping to spread the word! Melissa, Ariana, Todd, Dana and the entire filmmaking team! Questions? Contact us: