The LOXMade up of Jayson "Jadakiss" Phillips, David Styles, and Sean "Sheek" Jacobs, The LOX began their journey as artists back in their hometown of Yonkers New York. As high school students they started a group called the Bomb Squad and began doing shows and putting out their own demos. While the local rap scene was being dominated by talented artist like Raw Rome, Lord Devon and a young DMX, the squad began to gain attention because of their fierce lyrical style and their ability to present stirring tales of urban life with pin point accuracy. The group eventually changed their name to the Warlocks and continued developing a devoted fan base by being omnipresent on underground mix tapes. One of their faithful admirers was the Queen of Hip-Hop soul and fellow Yonkers native Mary J. Blige. Mary saw something special in the group and passed their tape on to Bad Boy CEO Sean "Puffy" Combs who signed them to a deal. The LOX gained national exposure in 1997 with their powerful multi-platinum tribute to the Notorious BIG, "We'll Always love Big Poppa". The song which celebrated the life of the slain superstar, captured Biggie's essence and thrust the LOX into the media spotlight as a group to watch out for. The trio later appeared on a multitude of hits, including Puffy's Benjamins, which the LOX wrote, Mase's 24 Hours to Live, and Mariah Carey's Honey. The group's debut album Money Power & Respect went platinum and helped establish the LOX as an important voice in Hip-Hop music. While lauded for the commercial success of their first album, Jadakiss, Sheek and Styles were not satisfied with the project's outcome. On underground mix tapes, the LOX had developed a reputation for spitting legendary freestyles of sex, murder and mayhem However, singles from MP&R like "If You Think I'm Jiggie", didn't fully utilize the group's talents. The Lox were not the pretty boys who were being shown in the videos, they were street soldiers who preferred rhyming about real life on the block, instead of fantasy worlds of Bentley Coupes and Grammy awards. As their new album suggest, the Lox are the streets, and having joined the Ruff Ryders' lethal squadron, they finally have the chance to just be themselves. So who are the Real LOX? The Real Lox are authentic ghetto story-tellers, whose rhymes are derived from the pain, anger, lust and love which exist in the hearts of men. The Real LOX are the embodiment of Hip-Hop's origin as the voice of a disparate people. Their current singles Wild Out and F~~k you are certified street anthems and the impending release of their sophomore album has the hip-hop world holding their collective breathe in anticipation.