Pinot Days is the largest assembly of pinot noir producers in the world. You will have the opportunity to taste wines from 90 pinot producers will pour over 200 pinots in the Metreon’s City View space, where the views are nearly as spectacular as the wines. And just think: After pouring you can go downstairs and go bowling. Or try the Pork Menudo at Inay Filipino Kitchen. Or ice skate, and then take in a movie and some Milk Duds, which we hear pair well with pinot. Our original city, Pinot Days San Francisco launched a decade of seriously fun events featuring pinot noir and the passionate, fascinating winemakers who craft it. Now our biggest event, Pinot Days San Francisco has become the largest single gathering of pinot noir producers in the world, with scores of small, thematic, intimate events around the Bay leading up to our Grand Festival at the Metreon, City View Room. Love pinot? There is no better place to immerse yourself in it than Pinot Days San Francisco – a must, a labor of love for us, and the place and time for pinot noir to sit on its much-deserved pedestal.