Tipton Mizrahi and The San Francisco Dreaam Project Prestent The Triple XXX Erotic Ball! Over 30 Catergories, $3,000 in Cash Giveaways and Raffle Prizes! As seen in films such as "Paris Is Burning" and "Leave It on The Floor" we are having a Ball! The phenomenom that is the Ballroom Scene is now know in dance studios all across the world. From Russia, Italy, New York and back to San Francisco this growing scene is inspiring youth all over the world. Influenced by the West Coast Ballroom Scene we invite you to experience The Triple XXX Erotic Ball! IF Interested In Competing For The Cash Please Read And Follow The Catergories Posted BELOW!!!! Up Coming WC Schoolboy Tipton Mizrahi and The Dreaam Project Present Triple XXX Erotic BALL Schoolboy Realness 1 $500 Cash Prize 1 Trophy Private School Vs Jock Vs Class Clown It's the end of the school year and its finals week. To receive your 10's, present an oral presentation on PrEP. (1min or less) Do your research! 1 $500 Cash Prize 1 Trophy Thug Vs Executive Vs Butch Vs Pretty Boy 1 $250 Cash Prize 4 Trophies Thug: Its boy's night out and tonight your "getting" sum! But remember safe sex is the best sex. Bring it in a red look that's going to make the girls panties drop! Don't forget your condom. Executive: You CEO of your own non-profit and you need money to help start up a new Youth Clinic in San Francisco. Bring it in business attire with a poster stand. Butch: We didn't forget about you! Tonight we want you to show us everything you've got! To get your tens demonstrate the proper way to use a condom and be creative! Pretty Boy: You have been offered the opportunity to be the new campaign model for the Greater Than Aids Campaign. For your tens bring it in a white tea shirt that reads "Together We Are Greater" FQ Vs Bqid 1 $250 Cash Prize 2 Trophies Fem Queen vs Bqid: Tonight is the night to hit the streets for Hiv Awareness and STD Prevention! Which Non-Profit are you? Sfaf, Apeb, Deaam, Etc? Don't forget your pamphlets and condoms. Virgin Runway: Tonight we want to feel your walk, literally! In an original design we want you to bring it in the name of Unicef and for those effected by Hiv/Aids in Africa? Can you make us feel it? Virgin Vogue: Dance little sista! Tonight we want to see you vogue in a classic school girl effect. Can you make it hot? Virgin Face: Hiv/Aids has no face but you do and tonight is your night to let us know it! Bring it in red with a picture frame. Runway AA vs Euro vs FF 1 $500 Cash Prize 3 Trophies All American: Throughout history many designers have supported Hiv/ Aids awareness and prevention through Fashion tonight we want you to bring an inspired look from the past. Don't forget your 8"x11" picture. European: You say your walk is sick? Well you have been burned! Tonight you're a walking Sti! Can your walk still be Hot? Know your symptoms! We will be checking! FF Runway: Sex Sells but can you make Safe Sex Sexy! Bring it in a 2-piece with a rainbow flag. BQ vs FQ Face 1 $500 Cash Prize 2 Trophies BQ Face: You have been chosen for the cover of Poz Magazine the Go See's request all white with a red bow tie. Bring your portfolio, Min 3 headshots. FF Face: You have been invited to Sfaf Annual Fundraiser. Will you be the face of the night? Bring it in a cocktail dress with a bone-snatch pony! OTA Master of The Elements!! Entry starts at $10 Last 5 Standing Battle for $500 Cash Prize Pot Hands, Duckwalk, Dips Spins, Catwalk and Floor Performance Twist vs BQ vs FF Vogue 3 Trophies Show me the condom that's in your wallet. Bring it in a body suit as your condom. Are you a Magnum, Rough Ride or Durex? (Bring your condom for proof) Senior Sex Siren Vs Junior Sex Siren Vs Catboy 1 $500 Cash Prize 3 Trophies Skin is in but do you do dare to go bare! Tonight you going to have to work for your 10's with a safe sex message. Can you make it sexy? Sneaker Vs Sneaker: Tonight red is the color! Keeping that in mind just bring it with a touch of red. Best Dressed: You have been invited to Macy's Passport Annual Fashion Show and your sitting from row! Will you be the talk of the night? Be done from head to toe! Don't forget you're red! High Fashion Vs Streetware: Tonight red is the color and were sticking with it! Be done from head to toe!