Composer, trombonist, bassist and Jazz Mafia kingpin Adam Theis has launched nearly a dozen combos, writing and arranging for outfits such as Shotgun Wedding Quintet, Realistic Orchestra, Jazz Mafia String Quartet, Brass Mafia, Adam Theis & Subharmonic, and Supertaster (which grooves so hard the band once inspired Stevie Wonder to join a jam session). He has racked up an impressive number of accolades and credits spanning jazz, soul, rock and hip hop, and also leads the SFJAZZ Monday Night Band. He turned the 2010 SFJAZZ commissioned 50-piece hip hop symphony “Brass, Bows & Beats” into a highlight of the festival, with celebrated performances in Montreal, Newport and Monterey, and now focuses his vivid imagination on a far more intimate setting, a solo performance in the sanctuary of the Advent Church. For this one-of-a-kind evening, Theis will bring the breadth of his artistry to bear, utilizing brass, bass and electronics in startling new ways that are deep, evocative and always funky.