Admission: Space is extremely limited (150 seats). Join us for the fifth event in the series, this time featuring Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe, an artist and multi-instrumentalist who works with voice to create spontaneous and ecstatic musical compositions. Under the moniker Lichens, Lowe uses effects boxes to loop guitars, percussion, and vocals into a reverberating drone. In 2005, Lichens released The Psychic Nature of Being, followed in 2007 by the album OMNS. His most recent performances and recordings have combined his voice with modular synthesizer patch compositions. Lowe believes that the sensitivity of analogue modular systems echoes the organic nature of vocal expression, and that the two can be used together to induce a trancelike state and promote deeper listening. Lowe is currently working with video artist Patrick Smith on a live performance with animated projections a work entitled Clouds. See the website to purchase tickets online.