The Fine Print: Ticket and pass holders must arrive 20 minutes prior to show time to guarantee admission. Anyone arriving les than 20 minutes prior to showtime cannot be guaranteed a seat, even with a ticket or pass. No refunds, exchanges, subsiutions or replacements will be issued. Friday, March 8, 1:00 pm. Oil and Ice: The Risks of Drilling in Alaska's Arctic Ocean (USA), Lauren Santa Cruz and Kiley Kroh with Andrew Satter, 7 min Ending Overfishing (Germany), Uli Henrik Streckenbach, 4 min Field Spotlight: President Anote Tong, Kiribati (USA) Peter Stonier, John Martin, Rebecca Field, Sebastian Perry, 4 min Say Hi (South Korea), Hyeonjong Kim, 3 min 1932 Revisited (Netherlands) Ed Snijders, 3 min Tipping Point (France), Laurence Jourdan, 54 min Friday, March 8, 4:00 pm High Arctic (USA), Peter Winch, 8 min Ma Forteresse ( Switzerland), Jose Lachat, 6 min Field Spotlight : Kevin Iro (USA), Peter Stonier, John Martin, Rebecca Field, Sebastian Perry, 4 min Secret World of Manta and Mobula Rays ( USA) Shawn Heinrichs, 7 min Into the Gyre ( USA) Scott Elliot, 44 min Oaks to Otters ( USA) Jordan Plotsky, 9 min Friday, March 8, 7:00 pm – Surfing Program Swells and Storms (USA) Mike Gibbons, 4 min Uncommon Ideals (UK) Chris McClain, 5 min Finnsurf (Finland), Aleksi Raij, 52 min Eddie (Australia), Claire Gorman, 7 min Discovering Mavericks (USA), Josh Pomer, 51 min Saturday, March 9, 10:00 am Cordell Bank: A Sound Investment (USA), Drew Christie, 4 min Isla Coronado Ghost Net ( USA) Walter Marti, 8 min Marine Litter (USA) Jim Toomey, 2 min Plastic Paradise: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch (USA), Tanya Leal Soto, 57 min To See Time (Russia), Ocean Petrov, 10 min Saturday, March 9, 1:00 pm – Shark Program I’m Going to Bite Someone (USA), Steve Dildarian, 7 min Shark Report (Netherlands) Ed Snidjers, 8 min Swim for Sharks (USA), David McGuire, 10 mn Tangled Waters (New Zealand), Andrew Scott, 25 min Befriending Giants (USA) Shawn Heinrichs, 6 min My Father the Captain (USA), Jean-Michel Cousteau, 47 min Saturday, March 9, 4:00 pm Sinistre (Switzerland), Jose Lachat, 5 min Exploring Corals of the Deep (USA), 10 min Arctic Garden (USA), Tom Dusenbery, 4 min Salmon Forest (Germany), Ralf Keifner & Peter Spielmann, 30 min Scars of Freedom ( Chile, USA ), Celine Cousteau, 6 min Come Hell or High Water (USA), Keith Malloy, 45 min Saturday, March 9, 7:00 pm L'Homme de Glace (Ice Philosophy) (Canada), Vaillancourt Denis, 4 min Flamboyant (Indonesia), Jose Lachat, 8 min Intercanvi (Exchange) (Spain), Toni Bestard, 8 min Saving the Ocean – the Sacred Islands (USA) Jon Angier, 27 min Song of the Spindle (USA), Drew Christie, 4 min Giants of the Deep (Germany) Ralf Keifner and Andrea Ramalho, 60 min Sunday, March 10, 10:00 am The Giant and the Fisherman (Italy), Manfred Bortoli, 15 min Field Chronicles: The Pacific OceanScape (USA, Pacific Islands), Peter Stonier, John Martin, Rebecca Field, Sebastian Perry, 8 min Maidentrip (USA), Jillian Schlesinger, 75 min Sunday, March 10, 1:00 pm Les Fous de la Baie (The Crazy People of the Bay) (France) Jean-Laurent Bodinier, 22 min The Big Fix (USA), Josh Tickell, 90 min Double Devotion (Netherlands), Peter van Rodijnen, 7 min Sunday, March 10, 4:00 pm Ending Overfishing (Germany), Uli Henrik Streckenbach, 4 min Mass Dolphin Stranding (USA) Richard Moos, 4 mi Still (USA), Ruby Stocking, 11 min Zenobia (Netherlands), Ed Snijders, 26 min Accidental Icon: The Real Gidget Story (USA) Brian Gillogly 60 min