It’s more than an expansion. It’s an attention-grabbing, attendance-getting masterpiece on a grand corner of San Francisco.

The iconic Moscone Center is being reimagined to deliver expanded, contiguous exhibition space, more meeting rooms, cutting-edge technology, sustainability and greater flexibility —all while retaining its reputation as a top sellout venue in the heart of the electric city of San Francisco. Slated for completion in 2018, the $500 million expansion will add more than 200,000 gross square feet of flexible meeting space. Minutes away from 22,000 of the city’s 33,000-plus hotel rooms, world-class shopping and dining, Moscone will remain fully operational during the expansion.  

The Future

The Moscone expansion will add more than 175,000 gross square feet of flexible meeting space to Moscone North and South on Howard Street, between Third and Fourth Streets.

  • The addition creates 515,000 gross square feet* to be used as contiguous exhibition space or flexible meeting space.
  • Expanded lobbies in Moscone’s North and South buildings will total approximately 60,000 square feet.*
  • Two new floors of column-free meeting space include a 50,000-square-foot ballroom.*

*All capacities are subject to change.

A new enclosed pedestrian bridge connecting Moscone Center above Howard Street, will provide enhanced circulation for convention attendees. The expanded facility will be designed to garner the highest LEED® certification possible.


Moscone Center will remain fully operational during expansion.

  • One million people each year utilize Moscone North, South and West buildings.
  • Located in the heart of San Francisco, Moscone Center is minutes away from world class shopping and dining, and walking distance to 22,000 of our more than 33,000 hotel rooms.
  • Moscone West offers more than 300,000 gross square feet of meeting and exhibition space and will not be a part of the expansion.
  • Moscone Center answers the call of today’s meeting attendees with a $4.5 million wireless system providing complimentary high speed service to 60,000+ devices at one time with peak performance.

It’s an attention-grabbing, attendance-getting, $500 million meetings masterpiece on a grand corner in San Francisco.

Moscone Center Expansion
Completion 2018

Moscone Expansion FAQs

Answers to some frequently asked questions are below; if you have additional questions, please contact us at

When is the expansion scheduled to begin?

Groundbreaking for the expansion is scheduled for late December 2014.

What is the projected timeline for this project?

Currently, we plan to go through the environmental review process through 2014, in which case expansion would take place between 2014-2018 (it would be intermittent to allow for conventions to take place). 

When is the expansion scheduled to be completed?

Completion is anticipated in 2018.

How much will the expansion of Moscone Center cost?

The budget is currently set at $500 million.

Who is paying for the expansion?

This project is a partnership in which two-thirds of the costs will be covered by an assessment on hotel rooms, the remaining third is being paid through the City of San Francisco’s general fund. A significant portion of the general fund is derived from hotel tax and convention revenue. According to the San Francisco Travel Association’s 2012 Visitor Industry Economic Impact Estimates, the tourism industry attracted 16.51 million visitors to San Francisco in 2012 that spent $8.93 billion, generating $562 million dollars in tax revenues for the City and County and supporting 71,403 local jobs.

Has Moscone Center been expanded before?

The Moscone Center consists of three components that were developed every 11 years over the last 30 years. The first was Moscone South, completed in 1981. The second included the Esplanade Ballroom and Moscone North, completed in 1991 and 1992 respectively. The third, Moscone West, opened in 2003 and offers more than 300,000 gross square feet of meeting and exhibition space and will not be part of the expansion.

Will Moscone Center remain open during the expansion?

Yes, the Center will be fully operational during the expansion.

Will this project be LEED® certified?

This project must be LEED Gold Certified at a minimum by municipal code and we plan on pursuing the highest LEED standard possible.

Does the project include any street level improvements?

Yes, there will be spaces for street level activation. These spaces would allow for cultural institutions, café, and retail. However, actual programming of the spaces has not been decided upon yet.

Who are the institutions that are guiding this effort?

The roles are as follows:

  • Architects:  Skidmore Owning and Merrill, LLP  and Mark Cavagnero Architects
  • Contractors: Webcor Builders
  • Project management: Department of Public Works
  • Building owner: The Office of Community Investment and Infrastructure
  • Oversight: Tourism Improvement District Management Corporation Board of Directors
  • Additional: Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development


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