West Portal Merchants Association

58 West Portal Avenue, Suite 933, San Francisco, CA 94127
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West Portal is the quintessential village nested inside the big city. When you're visiting San Francisco, you may wonder where all the locals live. West Portal is one of those neighborhoods. Only 6 stops, on the metro, from the heart of the metropolis you are taken back through time to a neighborhood that's the real heart of the city. It has a feel that is rare in any big city. West Portal is laced with small shops and local eateries that you won't find anywhere else. The drinking spots are friendly where diverse walks of life mingle. We have 2 wine bars with staff to help you stock up your collection after you've tasted them. 4 local bars, just poke your head in one and find a stool to call home for a bit. Our food selection of 26 restaurants is a global paradise where our PB & J's can get exotic and our ethnic delicacies are considered the norm. We range from Classic and Nouveau American to exotic dishes from Peru, India, Middle East and Greek and rounded out by Italian, Chinese, Mexican and Japanese. We have a host of coffee shops from name brand to niche, but without the snobbery. You can walk off those calories on an urban adventure to the top of Mt Davidson or Twin Peaks, or you can stroll the Ave and shop our boutiques. You can round out the day at our theater, and now that you've rested, shop the rest of the boutiques . If your shopping is too heavy, ship it home, we have two of those. Don't worry if you wear out your shoes, we have two shoe repair shops, too.

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