Neighborhood Partners Program

Running a small business in San Francisco can be challenging.  We know, and we're here to help.

We're currently accepting applications for our group of 2014-2016 Neighborhood Partners. Feel free to fill out the form below if you're interested in applying and we'll be in touch (if you'd like to nominate a business that's not yours, click here). We will not use your contact information for any other purpose or share it without your consent.  The 2014-2016 Neighborhood Partners will be announced at our Annual Luncheon on June 19, 2014 (business who are selected will receive one complimentary admission).

Who can participate:
 Anyone!  From restaurants to boutiques, coffee shops to art galleries. To be considered, businesses must be located in San Francisco and cannot currently be a San Francisco Travel Partner.  For a list of previous Neighborhood Partners, click here.

San Francisco Travel Neighborhood Partner Application
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6.How long has your business been open?
7.What makes your business unique to visitors?
8.List any neighborhood organizations/projects of which you are a member or involved in
9.Why do you want to become a San Francisco Travel Neighborhood Partner?
10.What do you expect to gain from your San Francisco Travel partnership?
11.In your judgement, what are the two most pressing challenges affecting your business?
12.How do you think your San Francisco Travel partnership will assist in addressing these challenges?
13.What is the most important piece of knowledge you expect to take away from your San Francisco Travel partnership?
14.The technical stuff:*
I understand that space for participation in the Neighborhood Partners Program is limited, and submission of this application does not guarantee acceptance
If accepted to participate, I agree to devote the time necessary, take advantage of the resources provided, and attend educational and networking events produced by San Francisco Travel
I agree to work with San Francisco Travel staff and my support team to achieve my goals as a Partner of the San Francisco Travel Association
If accepted to participate, I agree to attend a New Partner Orientation and a Partner Showcase within the first two months of my partnership to become acquainted with the opportunities available to me as a Partner of San Francisco Travel
I am committed to work with the San Francisco Travel staff and partners for a two-year period to receive maximum benefit from my partnership
I will attend San Francisco Travel events, some of which occur after business hours

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“I would be hard pressed to think of a better investment in my business than membership at this 100-year-old organization!”
Rodrigo Enriquez, President, Extranomical Adventures, Inc.

"As a small business with a small budget, the opportunity to be represented on the international stage is invaluable. So too, is the networking within the industry. San Francisco is being highlighted now more than ever, thanks to the Giants and America's Cup, and it's important to stay connected to the efforts of San Francisco Travel."
Lisa Koester, CMP, Director of Sales, Napa River Inn

“PIER 39 has established a valuable partnership with the San Francisco Travel Association for the past 32 years. We have participated in San Francisco Travel’s sales missions, familiarization trips, special promotions for locals and tourists, advertising programs and educational functions. San Francisco Travel’s efforts to build the city’s tourism and hospitality industry have only helped to make PIER 39 the success it is today."
Kathy Paver, Senior Vice President of Marketing, PIER 39

“As a nonprofit marine nature center affiliated with The Bay Institute, Aquarium of the Bay is proud to be a member of San Francisco Travel, an organization which not only does an incredible job in attracting tourists to our city, but also is very effective in celebrating and promoting San Francisco as a green destination. Over the years, our investment in promoting the Aquarium through San Francisco Travel's advertising and marketing opportunities has paid huge dividends in attracting visitors to our doors. They consistently provide us with qualified leads, offer unique promotional opportunities, and provide the best value for our print and online advertising campaigns."
John Frawley, The Bay Institute, Aquarium of the Bay


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