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San Francisco Beaches By the Numbers

Our coastline is among the most beautiful in the country, offering access to the world-class urban parks, popular surf spots, the Golden Gate Bridge, and stunning views of the Marin Headlands. Do yourself a favor and get educated about our beaches.

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Ramen Street in San Francisco
Things To Do This Weekend: July 18 - 20

We see ramen and many other goodies in your future. You don’t miss these events this weekend.

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Places you can bring dogs in SF
These are the Places to Take Your Dog in SF

Navigating this maze is tricky, so I’ve sourced some of the better places to bring your pups, where you won’t get stink eye, you won’t be yelled at, and you won’t wind up with a frayed end of a leash where Mr. Woofers used to be.

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Things to do in San Francisco
Top Things to do in July

Here are a few warm ups for all the summer afternoons (and a few evenings) ahead. By our count there are 94 of them before autumn drifts in on the night of Sept. 22, 2014.

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Drinks at Lolo
Things You Need To Know About San Francisco's Restaurants This Week

It's a new week in San Francisco and it's a new week of restaurant openings and foodie events.

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Things To Do This Weekend: July 11 - 13

You don’t miss these events this weekend. Then make like this building and stay.

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Best Bakeries in San Francisco
Best Bakeries in San Francisco by Neighborhood

Tartine isn't the only bakery in town that is a bread winner. Here are the best bakeries in San Francisco by neighborhood.

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Why You Should Visit Emeryville
Why You Should Visit Emeryville (For the Day)

Emeryville packs a lot in for a city that is less than two square miles big. From food trucks and New York–style pizza to movies and shopping, this city has a lot going on if you only know where to look.

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Bike Spots in the Bay Area
You Gotta Take Your Bike to These Spots

When you live in a place as naturally beautiful as the Bay Area, getting out of our too-expensive apartments and taking in the sights is the best way to remind yourself why you came here in the first place. What better way to get around than on a bike?

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Wine Tasting at Arlequin
July Wine Tastings at Arlequin Wine Merchant

Arlequin Wine Merchant in Hayes Valley has a little bit of a wine geeky selection without being too out there for those who just want to get a good bottle of wine at a reasonable price.

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