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Things To Do in San Francisco

To do, or not to do? That’s never the question in San Francisco. Find something to suit every aspect of your travel persona … from wanna-be rock star to rock climber. Who says you can’t be both?

Where to Stay in San Francisco

Whether it’s a sleek high rise hotel with a view or a cozy bed and breakfast tucked into a shingled Victorian, check out (and check-in) San Francisco’s accommodations.

Dining in San Francisco

Stir-fried or simmered. Slow food or street food. Haute or hip. Farm-to-table or caviar and Champagne. No matter what your taste, San Francisco has a menu to match it.

Nightlife in San Francisco

Culture and cocktails, a DJ twin spin or a jazz solo — nighttime is the right time to discover that there’s a fresh approach to everything here when it comes to new ways to have fun.

Shopping in San Francisco

Leave some room in your luggage for all the shopping you’ll do. From “made in San Francisco” souvenirs to trendy threads from top fashion houses, San Francisco has something for everyone.

Events in San Francisco

What’s happening? Stay current on San Francisco’s ever-changing entertainment and events line-up, exhibitions, performances and what’s to come — and be sure to check out the Editor’s Picks .

Arts & Culture

Muses and musicians. Painters and poets. Dancers and divas. Authors and actors. The fantastic and the familiar. The classics and the avant garde. San Francisco is all about the arts.

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Upcoming San Francisco Events

Thru Sep 20

Multiple Mary and Invisible Jane

Sep 19 - 21

Oktoberfest by the Bay

Sep 20

Sausalito Floating Homes Tour

Sep 20 - 21

Dragon Boat Festival

Sep 21


Editor's Picks

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Best Foodie Tours in San Francisco

Best Foodie Tours for Exploring All of San Francisco’s Most Delicious Locales

One fabulous way to get out and about in San Francisco is to try a food tour. You can sample a wide variety of treats, plus go behind the scenes to learn a bit more about the folks making that perfect doughnut or incredible sandwich....more

Oldest Bars in San Francisco

Awesome Old Bars to Drink at by Neighborhood

We love our bars with a sense of history. They preserve our city history, cultural identity and make some damn good drinks. Here are the oldest, most awesome bars in the city that you should visit the next time you're in town....more

Best Beaches Around San Francisco

Local's Guide

Get the inside scoop from personalities and ambassadors as they tell you why they love the city, from where to eat and drink to their favorite place to snap a photo. San Francisco, from the local's perspective....more

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San Francisco Icons

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