Ranko Ogura, a dancer and choreographer originally from Japan, is directing this performance which depicts the invaluable life of Chieko Naganuma and her journey into insanity. ****Inspired from "The Chieko poems" Before World War Two, Chieko Naganuma, a female artist in Japan felt fear, loss, uncertainty and isolation living in her hometown of Fukushima. Chieko tried to establish her own art in painting but gave it up and attempted suicide as a result of schizophrenia. She did, however, deeply love her husband, Kotaro Takamura who was a sculptor and poet. As an early member of the feminist movement Seikosha, Chieko and Kotaro got married and lived life on the basis of sexual equality. Dispite living in poverty, and developing mental illness and tuberculosis, Chieko sought inner wealth and spiritual fulfillment. Some poems from "The Chieko Poems" will be read in Japanese. Performance highlights include: *Beethoven's piano sonata, "Appassionata", will be played by Dale Tsang-Hall. *Two special pieces will be performed by Shakuhachi flute master, Masayuki Koga. *Ranko Ogura will arrange choreography and improvised dance to collaborate with these talented artists. This performance will bring you into Chieko's world of insanity, inner peace and beauty.